Year 7 English Worksheet

1. Identify the subjective pronoun in the following sentence: "She gave him her new book."

2. What is the antonym of "prolific"?

3. Choose the correct conjunctive adverb to complete the sentence: "I was tired; ______, I finished my homework."

4. Identify the type of figurative language used here: "The wind whispered through the dark trees."

5. What is the past perfect tense of "run"?

6. Which form of the verb fits here? "If he were smarter, he ______ the joke."

7. What is the plural form of "oasis"?

8. Which word best completes the sentence? "He was known for his ______ behavior during meetings."

9. Which word is a synonym for "exultant"?

10. Which word completes the sentence? "They chose to ______ the rules despite warnings."