Year 8 English Worksheet

1. Identify the passive voice in the following sentence: "The cake was eaten by the children."

2. Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence: "If I _______ you, I wouldn't do that."

3. Select the adverb in the following sentence: "He quietly entered the room."

4. Identify the literary device used here: "Life is a rollercoaster that has its ups and downs."

5. What is the past perfect tense of "write"?

6. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: "His views on politics are quite _______ from mine."

7. What is the plural form of "crisis"?

8. Which word best completes the sentence? "The artist sketched a ______ portrait of her."

9. Which word is a synonym for "gregarious"?

10. Which word completes the sentence? "She could not ______ the urge to laugh."