Year 9 English Worksheet

1. Identify the correct use of a semicolon in the following options:

2. Choose the word that best fits: "Her alibi was ______; nobody could verify her whereabouts."

3. Which of the following is an example of an oxymoron?

4. Select the correct form of the verb: "She has ______ to speak to her advisor."

5. Identify the mood of the following sentence: "Could you please pass the salt?"

6. Choose the correct definition of "paradox":

7. What is the plural form of "thesis"?

8. Which word best completes the sentence? "He eloquently articulated his ______ on the matter."

9. Which word is a synonym for "ecstatic"?

10. Which word completes the sentence? "She excels in creating ______ narratives that captivate her audience."